Abstract Information

Abstract Submission

You are invited to submit abstracts online detailing your most recent research findings on the main theme of the conference and / or on one of the following thematic areas.

Thematic areas:

  • Case management and co-infection
  • Education and health promotion
  • Epidemiology - Modeling towards elimination (mathematical, GIS, climate, etc.)
  • Parasite biology, control, transmission blocking and gametocyte studies
  • Pharmacology, drug efficacy, discovery and development
  • Phytomedicine and bioprospecting
  • Regional malaria and cross-border issues affecting elimination
  • Residual malaria, reintroduction, vivax malaria and co-infection
  • Surveillance (vector, parasite, resistance)
  • Vector biology, control and IVM                                       
  • Research capacity and strengthening
  • Resource allocation and advocacy
  • Social and health economics

Your abstract must be no more than 350 words detailing your most recent research findings in one of the above thematic areas.  It must be written in English in Arial (10 font) and should include:

  • An abstract title
  • Authors’ first and last name with the presenting author’s name underlined
  • Name of authors’ organisations (if more than one, numeric numbers should be used linking co-authors to organisations)
  • A brief introduction / background to the study
  • A statement of the research problem / research question / research hypothesis
  • Research methodology employed in your study
  • Summary of results obtained
  • Discussion and Conclusion / a summary of the results / preliminary results / anticipated results

Please also indicate whether you would like your abstract to be considered for either an oral or poster presentation. While the scientific committee will make every attempt to endorse your choice, your preferred choice is not guaranteed. The decision of the scientific committee is final and cannot be appealed.

  • Oral Presentations:  Oral PowerPoint presentations must be in English (compatible to Office 2007), no longer than 10 minutes with five additional minutes allowed for questions.
  • Poster Presentations:  Accepted posters will be on display in a prominent position in accordance with the programme. Posters should measure 90cm (width) and approximately 1.2m (height).

Awards will be presented for the:

  • Best oral presentation
  • Best poster presentation

Both oral and poster presentations will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Format
  • Content (introduction, method, discussion, results)
  • Aesthetics
  • Presentation
  • Knowledge (Q&A)

Submit an abstract by using the link: https://www.up.ac.za/5thmalaria2019